Cheshire West & Chester Flexible Shuttle Service
Shuttle 1  –  Mouldsworth – Ashton Hayes – Barrow – Chester
Monday, Wednesday, Friday (excluding Public Holidays)
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Mouldsworth, Railway Station09301358
Ashton Hayes, Brookside09351353
Ashton Hayes, Golden Lion09371351
Tarvin, High Street (on demand)on demandon demand
Hollowmoor Heath, Irons Lane09461342
Great Barrow, Post Office09481340
Stamford Bridge, Lansdowne Road09501338
Cotton Edmunds, Cotton Hall (on demand)on demandon demand
Boughton, Waitrose10051323
Chester, The Bars1007
Chester, Francis Street10101309
Newtown, St Anne Street10151305
Chester , Foregate Street, Argos13001320
Chester Bus Exchange, stand 6102012551315
Route Description:-
B5393 Church Road, Gongar Lane, Brookside, Peel Cresc, Gongar Lane, Ashton lane
A54 Kelsall Road, Pool Lane, Irons Lane, Barnhouse Lane, Village Road, Main Street,
Barrow Lane B5132, Tarvin Road A51, (Cotton Lane to Cotton Hall if required)
Tarvin Road A51, Vicars Cross Road, Tarvin Bridge, Tarvin Road, Boughton, The Bars
City Road, Crewe Street, Francis Street, Black Diamond Street, St Anne Street
St Oswalds Way, Northgate Street, Hunter Street, Chester Bus Exchange.
The above route and times may very depending on passengers travelling.
Booking Hotline:  01244 973039  Mon – Fri    0830 – 1600