Safety and security are always important, and the Cheshire Neighbourhood Watch Association (formerly Homewatch) is actively seeking volunteers to coordinate Local Neighbourhood Watch Schemes.

Each Local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme is facilitated by a coordinator, whose role is to ensure that the members of the local scheme are fully linked into all methods of communication to and from the police and other community safety organisations.

Neighbourhood Watch schemes allow you to receive and report information on criminal activity and other problems in your community. It is your chance to keep in touch with each other; to help reduce crime and disorder; to work in partnership with the police and other agencies, and to share information.

Our aim is to make Manley’s Neighbourhood Watch Scheme as effective as possible but we need your help. If you have any suggestions to improve our scheme please pass them on to a member of the Parish Council who will liaise with Manley’s Neighbourhood Watch organisation.


Manley Neighbourhood Watch operates through a network of  coordinators who support the scheme by:

Contacting individual households in your immediate area to encourage them to become members of the scheme

Circulating individual households with door and window stickers, newsletters, leaflets and any equipment available to members, eg property marking kits.

Encouraging members to keep a check on vulnerable households and welcome newcomers to the scheme.

To find out if there is a Local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in your area, visit Our Watch Cheshire, and enter your postcode in the ‘Find your local scheme box’ on the home page. You will then have the options of either applying to join the scheme or sending your local Coordinator a message.

If there is no scheme in your area and you want to know more about membership, please contact

At present there are co-ordinators for the following locations:

  • Birch Hill
  • Claim Farm
  • Simmonds Hill
  • School Lane
  • Ravelstone
  • Manley Common
  • New Pale Road
  • Tarvin Road
  • Moss Drive
  • Manley Quarry
  • Manley Lane

You should be receiving information on criminal activity if you live in these areas. If you are not receiving information and would like to, please email Cllr Ian Walton (