Manley Parish Council meets 10 times per year, to discuss and agree actions that will improve the wellbeing of the residents of the Parish.  Of these meetings, the May meeting is also the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council, at which the officers are confirmed and significant administrative arrangements essential for conducting everyday business and activities are reviewed.

Also in May, immediately before the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council , there is a Manley Parish Annual Meeting. This meeting is essentially a review of the significant developments that took place in the Parish over the year, and updates are provided by various groups such as the Village Hall, Manley School, and Sandstone Ward.

Meetings for 2020 are:

  • Mon 18th January
  • Wed 17th February
  • Mon 24th March
  • Mon 26th April
  • Wed 19th May (Annual Meetings)
  • Mon 21st June
  • Wed 21st July
  • No Meeting in August
  • Mon 20th September
  • Wed 20th October
  • Mon 15th November
  • No meeting in December

All meetings are to be held in the Village Hall at 7.30pm – Due to current restrictions meetings are currently via Teleconference

Members of the public are entitled to attend all meetings, and also entitled to address a meeting on any subject that they feel appropriate. If members of the public do wish to address a meeting, they must apply to the Clerk or the Chairman before the meeting. It will be at the Chairman’s discretion whether any requests received will be granted and, if invited to speak, individual members of the public will be allowed to speak for up to a maximum of five minutes.